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Welcome to Avernic

Avernic is a new semi-custom RuneScape Private Server brought to the scene by a professional team of developers, delivering constant updates and content-packed gameplay. Join our Discord and Forums for more news & announcements.


Major updates

⦿ Theatre of blood complete functionality has been added.

⦿ The Nightmare of Ashihama with complete functionality has been added.

⦿ Nex with complete functionality has been added.

⦿ Revenant Maledictus has been added and has a chance to spawn event revenant kill.

⦿ Wilderness Strong-Hold minigame has been added with all zones & points assigned.

⦿ Item fortification risk and mechanics adjusted.

⦿ Item blazing added and lists also added to the tortured wizard npc.

⦿ Wildy key now randomly spawns in the wildy and can be looted at home if wilderness is escaped.

⦿ Pet perks have now been adjusted making them worth the grind.

⦿ Drop rates adjusted for all bosses and monsters to drop supplies as well as common-ultrarare drops.

⦿ Wliderness bosses spawn every few intervals which can be killed for high rewards.

⦿ PVP tournament occuring every few hours for a points and rewards for top three players.

⦿ All skills are now trainable with rewarding blood money caskets randomly per chance.

⦿ Daily tasks & Chest have been updated.

⦿ All shops and prices have been redone to ensure a perfect economy.

⦿ Donator capes & perks have now been added to the game.

⦿ HD plugin has been added to the launching by the end of second week launch.

⦿ New Player commands have been modified and added for convenience of players.


What you can expect

Item Fortificaton

Item Fortification is a unique, new feature we’re bringing to the rsps community. It’s a high risk activity featuring a little bit of lore behind it which ties it in with the game. Basically you need X amounts of high tier items which are placed in the fortifying flame resulting in unlocking or losing Best in slot versions of the items fortified. The risk ratio is given by the fortification interface.

Item Blazing

Item Blazing is a system introduced into Avernic for highly rewarding gameplay and to keep the grind alive. It’s a feature which offers rewards in the form of perks. Specific items obtainable ingame are to be placed in the blazing flame for a given price listed by the tortured wizard, which can be used to buy custom pets and armours with highly rewarding perks.


Avernic provides both Chambers of Xeric & Theater of blood with complete functionality, players in upto the team of four as well as indiviually can enter the raid deminishing all monsters and landing successful blows to the bosses will result in loots from the rewarding chests. Furthermore Avernic will soon be releasing Tombs of amascut for up to date gameplay content.

Wilderness Stronghold

Wilderness strong-hold is an original Avernic wilderness minigame where players have to dominate and capture areas of wilderness with a point system integrated to grade & reward stronghold points based on areas and kills. Players can team up using the clan system, each player present in the specified zones wil be rewarded the points assinged to the zone from high to low each minute. Further-more special attack weapons are spawned randomly if used while killing another player point deduction from the team of the player killed takes place.

Bossing & pvm

Players can pick from a variety of bosses and monsters to kill ingame may that be for slayer or highly rewarding drops. The drop system integrated ingame is kept such that the kills to drop ratio is highly rewarding. World bosses spawn every few intervals to keep the wilderness alive, these can be killed for chances of mystery box & other common-rare drops. Kill logs for bosses kill streaks can be tracked through quest tab kill log option. Some monsters drop keys which can be used to loot chests for a chance at high tier items.


Avernic provides players with all trainable skills with adjusted experience rates. All skills have specified zones and areas which players can pick from but might also range according to level requirements. Blood money caskets are randomly rewarded on chance to keep skilling profitable at Avernic, whereas skilling in wilderness boosts experience rates by a certain amount. Skilling achievements provide a platform for high blood money rewards and unlockable titles.

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